101 in 1001

I have always been a list maker in my work life, and since having Avery, that has carried over into my personal life. Each night before going to bed, or early in the morning, I will write out my to do list for the day. I try not to over commit myself or over schedule things but I like to have an idea of what I want to accomplish each day.

When I saw that Mackenzie of Design Darling created her 101 in 1001 days list, I thought, how genius! I love the purpose and intentional action of this list. Sometimes I find myself getting caught up in time wasters (instagram stalking anyone? :) and I forget about the big picture things that I want to accomplish. So while Kris and I were in Grand Cayman a few weeks ago I took the time to really think about the 101 things that I want to accomplish over the next 2.5 years or so, and here is my list!

1. Finally clean out the guest bedroom June 2014
2. Redecorate the guest bedroom for $300 or less
3. Help Kris design and build the breakfast nook banquette in the Florida room
4. Pay for FL Prepaid in total for Avery
5. Create a realistic grocery weekly grocery budget
6. Go one month with out shopping
7. Increase 401k contribution by 1% each year
8. Purge and redecorate the office for $300 or less
9. Replace all hangers in my closet with black skinny velvet hangers
10. Write a will
11. Purge and organize closet by color
12. Redecorate bedroom for $500 or less
13. Redecorate Avery's bathroom for $150 or less
14. Hang all photos/frames - if not hung either store or throw out
15. Deposit $10 into savings for completing each item

16. Take Avery to swim lessons
17. Take Avery to at least one class at Nova Southeastern University (Mommy & Me)
18. Take Avery to Plantation's Food Truck Night
19. Take Avery strawberry picking
20. Take Avery to the Miami Seaquarium
21. Take Avery to a water park for babies June 2014, We went here!
22. Take Avery to the Fort Lauderdale Science Museum June 2014 - was so fun!
23. Take Avery to the Davie Rodeo
24. Take Avery to NYC
25. Take Avery to Disney and attend a character meal
26. Dress up as a family for Halloween

27. Redesign blog and keep it :)
28. Create a business plan
29. Create a blogging plan and vision
30. Develop a partnership with at least one brand that I love
31. Invest in blog cards
32. Help at least one mom to reclaim her personal style
33. Attend a blog conference or meet up
34. Create a media kit for my blog
35. Reach 200 followers on Bloglovin
36. Reach 300 followers on Bloglovin
37. Create inspiration board for online store
38. Host a trunk show
39. Go to one wholesale show (MAGIC, etc)
40. Attend a Miami Blogger event
41. Publish 5 How To/DIY Posts
42. Take professional pictures for my blog profile and media kit
43. Update my About Me page

44. Buy something at a flea market or consignment sale
45. Invest in a classic handbag
46. Order custom stationery
47. Invest in two work out outfits that I love
48. Take girlfriends on a day trip antiquing/thrifting in Palm Beach
49. Invest in one nice pair of nude heels
50. Invest in one pair of nice black heels
51. Buy a monogrammed beach towel
52. Buy a monogrammed weekender bag
53. Buy a family rules sign
54. Buy one pair of jeans I love I bought these 7 for All Mankind Jeans (high waist is the way to go for me being tall - amazing! June 2014
55. Buy a microwave drawer for the kitchen

56. Visit a new city
57. Go on a sister vacation
58. Spend a family weekend in Naples/Marco Island
59. Go on a weekend cruise with Kris

Organized Life
60. Create a family/friends address list in Excel
61. Unsubscribe from all unwanted email lists
62. Cancel and transition my mwillersdorf gmail account
63. Go one month with putting my clothes away every night
64. Create a menu planning template I love
65. Use menu planner regularly for one month
66. Organize all my pictures in iPhoto
67. Have a garage sale and clear all unwanted furniture, etc July 2014
68. Write out a next day to do list for at least one month

Friends and Family
69. Send out Christmas Cards one year
70. Send mom flowers out of the blue
71. Have a family picnic
72. Write 25 handwritten notes
73. Mail a care package to each of my parents
74. Mail a care package to each of my siblings
75. Plan and host a fun girls night
76. Plan and host an 80's party for our friends
77. Join a small group at church
78. Secret (K)
79. Take a friend a cute housewarming gift
80. Make friends fresh mango salsa

81. Run a 10k with mom
82. Read the Bible in its entirety
83. Read Beth Moore's 90 Days with the One and Only
84. Read Joel Osteen's 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life
85. Take a makeup lesson
86. Be better able to define my style and design aesthetic
87. Read 2 other books (have to be realistic here with a baby in the mix!)
88. Find a regular baby sitter
89. Take a calligraphy class
90. Buy and plant an avocado tree
91. Create an herb garden
93. Secret (M and K)
94. Find a charity I love and volunteer
95. Stop drinking Diet Coke for one month
96. Take a local floral design class
97. Eat clean for 30 days
98. Try 10 new Pinterest recipes and blog about it
99. Try Water Skiing or Wake Boarding at the lake July 2014 (tried water skiing - so fun!)
100. Find a skin care routine
101. Secret (M)


  1. Your list is motivating me, especially the blog section. I've got various blogging to-do lists all over the place and need to condense them. But, I finally got business cards, which I'm pretty pumped about!

  2. OMG - you're so organized!! Love it (though seeing a list this long sort of sends me into panic mode as well...!)




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