...And We're Back (Plus a Yarn Wreath Tutorial!)

I have been so absent over this past month from blogging and to be honest I missed it so much! January was such a busy month with packing, moving, unpacking and moving into our new home. I have had the best time setting up each room of our house, but we still have a long way to go! I can't wait to start blogging about all our house projects and Lila Grace additions.

Last weekend one of my projects was to make a wreath for our front door. Kris was shocked that I would hang a wreath when it wasn't Christmas, but even he liked how this one turned out! I have seen these yarn wreaths all over Etsy and the blog world and decided to make my own version that I could use all winter. Here is how I made it...

  • Large straw wreath (purchased from Michaels)
  • One bundle of yarn (I used a beige color)
  • Hot glue
  • One yard of white costume satin feel fabric (must be a synthetic fabric such as polyester. Purchased from JoAnns)
  • About 10 glass pearls
  • Candle & match
  • Scissors
Step 1
Leave the plastic wrap on your straw wreath. It will make it much easier to wrap the yarn. Start wrapping the yarn around your wreath. Don't worry if your yarn is not perfectly wrapped - it is really hard to align every strand perfectly. Just ensure it is wrapped tightly. I used about half of my yarn and it took me about 30 minutes to wrap the whole thing. when you are done wrapping, cut your yarn and hot glue it to secure the ends to the wreath. Sorry I don't have more pictures of this stage!

Step 2
Cut many 3-5 inch circles from your fabric. I cut about 20 but you can cut more if you would like your flowers to extend beyond the area that mine did.

Step 3
Light a candle and hold the fabric edge several inches above the flame. Since your fabric is made out of synthetic/polyester it will start to curl up on each edge that is above the flame. Carefully move the fabric around the flame (being very careful as it is extremely hot - obviously).

Do this to each fabric circle you cut and you should have something that looks like...

Step 4
Take one of your fabric circles and fold it in half. Secure the fold with a dot of hot glue. Then fold it in half again and secure that fold with a dot of hot glue.

Repeat this step with all of your fabric circles and you should have a pile of fabric blossoms that looks like this...

Step 5
Take each fabric blossom and start to hot glue them next to each other on the yarn covered wreath.

Continue to add fabric blossoms to your wreath until you are done!

Step 6
I wanted to add something extra to my wreath so I hot glued a few glass pearls sporadically in the flowers. There is no science to where they should go..I just tried to spread them out evenly.

Step 7
Voila! You have a beautiful wreath for winter!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial above and I hope you have a wonderful Friday!!



  1. Such a great tutorial GG! I love this wreath and was wondering how to start off with a thick base (the foam wreaths are too skinny). Thanks!

    Also, thank you so much for purchasing a pair of A. Liz Designs earrings recently - I hope you love them :)

  2. The wreath is gorgeous, I love the tutorial as well!

  3. Love that wreath and great tutorial. Would love to have you join my weekly party sometime. Good way to get your blog to grow.


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